Moose Safari

After our first winter of success with Moose safari, we will countinue during 2019/2020.
You can aldready book your tours for next winter. 

Experience the moose in the natural and beautiful forests of the north of
Sweden. Discover Jäkna, an area close to the Pite River in Norrbotten
county, by snowmobile.

A day trip for 4 - 8 people across the snowy landscapes to trace the moose with the use of snowmobile and pulka, a specific kind of sled dragged behind the snowmobile. The guide, Stefan, is well experienced in the Jäkna area and knowledgeable of the local moose's usual whereabouts. The day starts by car in Arvidsjaur and the first destination is Trollforsarna in the area of Pite River. After that we switch to snowmobile and the safari starts by following a well prepared snowmobile trail. The winterland surrounding the path creates a unique northern Swedish experience and if the guide stops the engine for a moment you will encounter the complete silence of the deep woodlands. And maybe you'll hear the sound of crunching snow; the steps of the moose. 

After a round of the area we'll take a lunch break in a nearby prepared and heated hunting cabin. A traditional northen Swedish meal is cooked and served with an accompaning coffee while the guide can tell tales of the area where he has spent many years of hunting and fishing. After the lunch break the tour continues out in the area. And if we're lucky we won't just experience the moose, we might also experience other animals like reindeer, hare, fox, grouse and many other common animals of the area.
The plan of the day is to start around 8:00 a.m. at the centrum of Arvidsjaur and the tour should be back around 3:00 p.m. in Arvidsjaur. For more information such as price, booking, about the food, or general questions, please contact us either on email or phone.
Included in the price is the traveling back and forth to Jäkna, the guided tour, a proper lunch and a Swedish fika.

Important to note is that all the participants must have proper clothing and shoes for the purpose of being in a winter landscape for the day. The sled during the tour does not have heating. If you do not have any proper clothing of your own, you can contact us in advance and we can help you find renting clothes in the area. 

Warm welcome with your booking - here-  or via telephone/email.